How it works?

- Buy a number from 1-100 at £20 each

- 2 numbers will be drawn on the 1st day of each month for 6 months (October-March)

- If your number is drawn you win a prize

What you win?

The prize depends on how many numbers have been sold so the more we sell, the bigger the prize.

- Between 1 and 50 entries = 1st place £40, 2nd place £10

- Between 51 and 70 entries = 1st place £60, 2nd place £20

- Between 71 and 100 entries = 1st place £80, 2nd place £30


How to purchase a number?

- Go to select your 100 club number and pay online.

- Or you can purchase in person from Peter Winn via cash or via Credit/Debit card

Thanks in advance CMP J

CMP One Hundred Club Square Number 70


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