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The CMP "One night Only" concert is the newest addition to our programme and is fast growing in reputation.

Last year we brought you "One Enchanted Evening with Rodgers and Hammerstein", with the inaugural concert being "A Tribute to Sondheim" in 2022.

Both shows were a huge success, Sondheim was done in a very limited time frame as proof of concept, with R&H following the following year with a bit more structure behind it. So far these concerts have proved a low commitment/high enjoyment popular addition to our member benefits, with a chance to perform on the Wilde Theatre stage, performing a solo or as part of a group.

The show normally takes the form of a variety concert with basic choreography and an underlying theme. With a bit more organisation required than our summer concert, Successful applicants will need to show an ability to not only create a show from a theme, but also to liase with a musical director, professional lighting and sound designers and the wilde theatre technical team.


The role of the director is to create create the concept and sell it to the society. after all details have been agreed, the society will assist you in whatever you need to make the show come to life.

They will be responsible for communication with cast members, organising auditions and liaising with the creative and production teams.

It is an all-encompassing role but has the full support of the CMP committee behind it.

It is a hugely rewarding but challenging role and is best suited to an organised person who is creative, patient and decisive.


All applications will be considered, regardless of experience and we welcome new directors to apply, as well as established ones.

The Concert will take place Monday 23rd September 2024


If you have any questions about the show or this process, please CONTACT US


Applications close 14:00 March 11th 2024

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