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Ticket Announcement


When the music starts to play, we can guarantee that love will find you!

Tickets for this summers hottest show are now on sale!

Check out the South Hill Park website for more info, or Buy Now below! 

Next Show

21st - 25th September 2021

Tickets are now available from
The Wilde Theatre,
South Hill Park Bracknell.

You can support us now! and earn some cash too
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How it works?


- Buy a number from 1-100 at £20 each

- 2 numbers will be drawn on the 1st day of each month for 6 months

- If your number is drawn you win a prize


What you win?


The prize depends on how many numbers have been sold

so the more we sell, the bigger the prize.

- Between 1 and 50 entries = 1st place £40, 2nd place £10

- Between 51 and 70 entries = 1st place £60, 2nd place £20

- Between 71 and 100 entries = 1st place £80, 2nd place £30


How to purchase a number?


- Click here to select your 100 club number and pay online.

- Or you can purchase in person from Peter Winn via cash

or via Credit/Debit card


Thanks in advance CMP :)

Fancy lending a hand?
Right now CMP are unable to perform for you and so we have no income.
Our next Performance won't be until well in to 2021, so your generous donations are all that is keeping the society going. 
Thank you