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Ghost Cast Announcement.


The roles have been cast!

Thank you everyone for all your hard work. It was incredibly difficult to choose between you all.

We had a blast seeing all your auditions.

There will be an official cast announcement Monday October 16th at 8pm.

Please do not make any social media announcements about your casting until then,

by all means tell your close friends but please allow us to make the show

announcement as part of our social media strategy.


Sam - Mitchel Thorpe

Molly - Holly Banasik

Oda-Mae Brown - Hannah Coe

Carl - Damian Thomas

Hospital Ghost - Caroline Smee

Subway Ghost - Heaven Kennedy

Clara - Helen Muggeridge

Louise - Rebecca Semark

Rosa - Alison Trice


Principal Dancers - Debbie Ferrington


                               - Denise Pooler


                               - Natalie Heffer


                               - Rebecca Semark


                               - Others under offer


We will be doing callbacks for Willie Lopez and info will be announced in due course.

If you are interested in auditioning for this role, please get in contact with us.


Ensemble/Other roles:

Peter Winn, Emma Greedus, Becky Adams, Dianne Guerrero, Sarah Coward, Natalie Akers, Sapphire Heath, Jamie Milburn, Zoe Keys, Anthony Wilson, Nicola Miller, Steph Hewitt, Catherine Hazell, Yazmin Lamden, Sue Dyer

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