How it works?

- Buy a number from 1-100 at £20 each

- 2 numbers will be drawn on the 1st day of each month for 6 months (October-March)

- If your number is drawn you win a prize


What you win?

The prize depends on how many numbers have been sold so the more we sell, the bigger the prize.

- Between 1 and 50 entries = 1st place £40, 2nd place £10

- Between 51 and 75 entries = 1st place £60, 2nd place £20

- Between 76 and 100 entries = 1st place £80, 2nd place £30


How long will this run for?

If the game is popular then we will run it beyond the 6 months and offer standing orders so you can keep your number for as long as you want.


The more you buy, the bigger the prize pot so please, snap those numbers up ready for the first draw on October 1st.

By purchasing a number you agree to all terms and conditions set out by CMP