Members Information

Crowthorne Musical Players are now rehearsing for their March 2017 production of Made in Dagenham.


Membership Fees 2016/2017

Full membership fee of £120

which is made up of:

£10 per year basic membership fee (which allows members to vote at AGMs, take part in the carol concert, and audition for autumn and main shows).
+£40 to take part in the autumn show
+£70 to take part in the main show.

Full time education will be a flat fee of £25
(made up of £3 basic membership, and £22 if taking part in autumn and/or main show)

For the main show there will also be a hire charge for libs/scores.
For Made In Dagenham this will be £10.

For a hired lib from Weinbergers there will also be a deposit of £20, refundable if it is
returned by the end of show week in good condition, free from any markings.

Simon Light,
1 Nov 2016, 13:22